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68-pg Softcover
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The relationships we have with others are often a mirror for how we relate to God. Our particular patterns and skills in relating will enrich or compromise our experience of prayer just as they affect our relationships with people. Awareness of who we bring to God in prayer is key to an enlivened relationship with God. In this book on prayer, Sergio Milandri introduces readers to the possibilities of a healthy relationship with God.

What you’ll learn:

1. Prayer is inherent in sustaining a loving relationship, needing time and intentionality
2. Our ability to relate is consistent and operates in all our relationships
3. Our heart and mind play unique roles in our relationships with God
4. Prayer is about risking being our full selves with God.

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Sergio Milandri – Writing and Direction Elizabeth Milandri – Editing and Illustration Ali Lauren Melck – Editing and Photography Carlo Milandri – Design and Illustration Dominic Hone – Design and Marketing

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Format: Illustrated softcover with study questions Quantity: 1 book Length: 66 pages Size: 209,6 x 209,6 cm

6 reviews for Prayer as Relationship, Book

  1. Sergio Milandri

    “The best part [about this book] for me is that it focuses on real people relating with a real God…” Andrew Stratford, East London, South Africa

  2. Peter

    Prayer as Relationship.
    An excellent book, readable and engaging, and yet with strong academic undertones. I loved the analogies, the illustrations and the provoking questions in the book margins. Sergio’s words in the book changed how I think about prayer: I now want it to be something I am “in” rather than something I do at its allotted time. I haven’t got there yet, but hope it will come!
    Thank you Sergio and your wonderful team!

  3. Sergio Milandri

    A review by Giovanni: “I would say [that Prayer as Relationship discusses] an important concept that has slipped through the cracks, and that reading the book reflectively will open up a new way of thinking about prayer.”

  4. Sergio Milandri

    A response by Gavin: “I would certainly recommend this book to my friends. The book is a much needed door to our hearts, a [chance] to allow a time of deep personal reflection on the condition & health of our relationship with God. It will open your eyes to the beauty of the mystery of being in relationship with the Creator of the Universe, to be in intimate relationship with the One who is and created relating and our capacity to relate & be in relationship.”

  5. Sergio Milandri

    When asked, “Did you encounter any new insights into your own relationship with God, others and self through this book?”, Ingrid responded: “The idea that the way we relate to the “unloveable” people (and parts of ourselves) is the best reflection of how we relate to God. Also the section on mind was very, very good.”

  6. Sergio Milandri

    A word from Dom: “For me Sergio’s book and the core of his work illustrates my human condition, the reality of living – to find meaning and relevance to where I find myself. Sergio explains how to relate to my creator, my fellow man and woman in true community, basically what Jesus came to teach us.”

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