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3 June – First Saturday Retreat

Please join us for a quiet retreat in the Sans Pareil gardens at the start of the new month. From 2-5pm we’ll have times for input and sharing, as well as an open time for reflection in this beautiful outdoor space in the Hout Bay valley.

Date: 3 June 2017. These retreats take place on the first Saturday of most months.
Times: From 2 to 5 pm.
Address: Sans Pareil, 1 Welbevind Way, Hout Bay, Cape Town.
Cost: R100 per person, paid at the door. Discounts are available if needed. No booking is required.

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We can learn from surprising relationships

Relationships reveal a lot about ourselves

It is only in relationships that we can see our patterns. Few of us come with a blank slate. Usually we have a picture in our minds from past experiences of how we expect an interaction to develop. Continue reading We can learn from surprising relationships

How to get to know all the parts of yourself

By relating with others we get a fuller picture of ourselves

It is in our relationships that our patterns of relating become apparent. We see more of who we are through others.

For many of us our relationships are our greatest gift, yet they are also areas of our greatest pain. In order for them to be life-giving we need to put our best energy into them.

As we all know, each relationship is unique and has its own particular ‘chemistry’.  Continue reading How to get to know all the parts of yourself