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Come and Experience Manhood

Join Sergio for a FAMSA Winter School 2016 Workshop

Sergio MilandriEngaging with the Journey of Masculine Identity

Both men and women need to experience something of the male journey of identity if they are to engage relationally with the male psyche. Men need to engage with the risks that constitute the development of a male self. Witnessing this transition is crucial for women as they engage with masculinity; whether in their own upbringing, their relationships with men or their forming of boys and younger men in their sphere of influence.

This workshop aims to give practical guidelines in transforming the masculine developmental experience.

Date:  8 July 2016
  R700.00 per person
  Will be applied with SACSSP & HPCSA

For more information, read the full workshop description.
Bookings can be made directly on the FAMSA website.

Singleness & Autonomy

All of us have been taught to conform to our social systems, institutions and norms instead of trusting who we are as totally unique and amazing creatures. We have listened far more to the outside voice than to our own inner reality. Our need for acceptance is so strong that we struggle constantly with feeling inadequate. Continue reading Singleness & Autonomy

Being Seen in Full Measure

Our fundamental need as people is to be seen. From the start we were fed our identity through others’ eyes. If we were seen, we came alive. If we were not seen, or were seen critically, we were damaged or wounded and felt like we were a shadow and didn’t exist. As we grew, the receptivity in another’s eyes was so important, as it launched us, shaped us, gave us a sense of who we were. Continue reading Being Seen in Full Measure

Risking Manhood

The expression of authentic manhood has become increasingly difficult in our society. These problems centre on men having a growing sense of frustration with not having a clear sense of meaning or purpose. As women develop more independence, the fear of becoming irrelevant can cause men to become depressed or abusive. This is often due to a lack of understanding of their true identity and their unique place in society.

Women have for some time been entering a new reality about their identity and their contribution to society. Changes in the way they see themselves and the options they have, are broadening their choices and giving many a greater sense of power and control.

Despite these interior shifts, women are still faced with hardened attitudes in parts of society, and especially in their relationships with men. Many communities still have an ethos of male control, despite noticeable changes in the views of many men.

Risking Manhood explores the seven risks which men traditionally have had to undergo to achieve authentic manhood. These form the basis for grounding the identity firmly within one’s unique self and for establishing life-giving relationships. Continue reading Risking Manhood

Right Needs, Wrong Means

Our needs change through our different life stages as we grow and mature. The needs we have as children or teens should develop with us as we get older. Our awareness of our different needs will help us not to go to the wrong places to have them fulfilled. For example, when we think we can satisfy our real hunger for good food with just snacks, we’ve gone to the wrong place. In the same way, we must see in what ways we may be going to inappropriate places to satisfy our real need for love and touch. Continue reading Right Needs, Wrong Means