Feedback from our Community Meetings

We are so blessed to work alongside people from many walks of life. Each of us has had unique experiences and can see our work with fresh insights.

Community Feedback


“Start feeling and start living!” -Matt

“The presentation on ‘Making our Mark’ is helping with my walking in circles searching for something meaningful to do.” -HUGH

“Jesus encourages us not to hide our light, but to let our vulnerability be seen in darkness where it is so needed.” -Grete

“A lot of our times of depression is due to LOSS…in various forms and ways, which leads to protective and coping mechanisms. Create realistic structure.” -Janet

“There is a moment in anger just before the explosion, when you have to grab yourself by the back of the neck and say – stop it!” -Brent

“Stop avoiding your feelings and let them transform you.” -Mervyn

“I love analogies – the analogy of searching for the poison source upstream really resonated with me and put everything into perspective.” -Jarrod


“We start life in families. Our family shapes who we are, makes who we become. All of our experience, our achievements, our suffering – are rooted in our belonging. This is who we really are. It’s the same in Christ – Identification, we identify with Him in suffering, experience, achievement – in Belonging. -Brent


“Out of my woundedness came the ‘habit’ to ask unasked questions.” -Cobus


“You must have a struggle to become whole.” -Danie


“The need to update my old software – I do it for my computer but don’t for my life – wonder why I’m getting stuck.” -Marcus


“The sound of the cello’s resonance inspired me! Set me on fire!” -Hugh


“The shame was so powerful in the group! I saw how it can hold me back.” -Peter

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