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We welcome you to invite us to speak at your group, course or community weekend. Have a look at the material on offer and get in touch if you’re interested in planning something together. Course Material


The Self-Worth Series

Creative Conflict

Nurturing Our Needs

The Singleness Series

Befriending Ourselves


Risking Manhood

Facing Manhood

Fathering Manhood

Giving Life


Risking Womanhood

Women’s Spirituality


New Men. New Women.

Five Ways of Knowing



Life Maps

Love & Sexuality



Pre-marital Insights

Marriage Insights

Parenting Insights


Inner Atlas

Empowering Communication

Leadership and Power


Emotional Formation

Soul & Spirit

Relational Theology

Come & See


Levels of Relating

Friend & Function

Loving Myself

The Enneagram


Yes to Myself

A Year of Grace

The Foundation Course


Loneliness, Depression and Anxiety

Anger: Engine for Change

Choices & Desires

Living which Dreams?


We look forward to hearing from you.

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