Beauty, Our heart's yearning

Beauty, Our hearts’ yearning

The most important aspect of our being is our relationships. Like a fish in water, we can take them for granted and hardly notice their importance. However, relationships don’t just happen. As we’ve all experienced, without our nurture and work, they can wither and die. It’s up to us to be aware and to take responsibility for those we have in our lives.

Why do we stop engaging with others, with what is so important? We can easily miss out on a precious relationship through being over-stressed, over-busy, or too hurt.

It may help us to look at our relationship with something like beauty, which is the ‘water we all swim in’, and yet something we can also so easily miss. Each of us has a way of connecting with beauty. What we do with it will give us insight into the effort we also put into relationships. But, as we know, things like pressure, hopelessness, pain and anxiety can prevent us from seeing beauty, and like with our relationships, we can simply have no extra space for another thing or person.

To really enjoy this world and to nurture our souls, we do need to stop and to look and to create the space for enjoyment of beauty in food, nature, ourselves and others. It is all too easy to primarily measure ourselves as consumers, on what we own, how we function, and to see the pursuit of beauty and good relationships as secondary. Yet, these ‘waste of time’ things are not optional. Our control and perfectionism can actually destroy us and leave us looking good externally, but isolated and starving internally.

Becoming aware and learning these skills does take time, but either we are able to receive the gift of the moment or we have forever lost it. May our eyes be opened to the richness of all God has put in our path – food, nature, people – and may we live celebrating the unique and beautiful gift we each also are to this world. 

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