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Beliefs We Hold

Listening to what our beliefs say in each area of our being

Each of us behaves very differently within the same experience. This is because we each interpret life through our ‘normal’ filter, our inner belief systems. As we relate to each other we may choose to try to make our norm happen over and over or else we can be touched and changed by each situation.

In order for us to stay open to what life offers we need to see and hear the beliefs we carry, made through the assumptions we made when we were young and vulnerable. These deep and influencing beliefs exist in the 5 parts of who we are. Each belief has both healthy and broken voices that can be heard if we just stop and listen to them. We can learn to identify these different voices that pull inside as we dialogue with each one.

Does our mind ‘know’ and control everything? If we don’t understand something rationally do we choose just to ignore it?  What does our body know and believe? Does it just choose to keep recycling our addictive patterns?  Can we stop long enough to allow our heart’s longings to speak? Are our souls overloaded and can we even receive the pain they are carrying? Do our spirit’s beliefs give us hope or despair for our tomorrows?

As we listen to each belief we can ask if some area holds other areas hostage, and drowns out their needs. Do we notice how conflicting beliefs pull against each other, and make us struggle when making choices? If we have too much outward focus then these 5 parts won’t be so connected to each other. They will pull us out of shape and away from our core.

As we take time to give attention to each belief from each part we will come to see where our strengths lie and also where we have been wounded. We will understand better which choices can pull us out of shape and which draw us more to ourselves. As our beliefs in each part become more integrated and work together we will find more joy and freedom with ourselves and in the company of others.  We will be more able to stand for who we really are and for what we really need at any given moment of choice.

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