Fences and Frameworks

Risking a deeper level of trust

Though conditional love has been in the framework of our existence, deep in our cellular system we know that somehow unconditional love is possible. However, when we think of it, this can sound so amazing that it may move us into an unreal space. It sounds very nice to say, “God loves me unconditionally”, but it can remain just a theory. How many of us really believe it at a deep level?

If most of our identity has come from keeping the rules, can we imagine what we would be without them? We do not need to remain as our own jailer, keeping our real self and others imprisoned. In the best sense, as we grew up, rules were like our boundary fences which gave us safety in which to play. We needed them to feel secure and learnt how to relate within those parameters. Now, as adults, we are needing to look at each one of our conditions. Can we risk a deeper level of trust – both of ourselves and of others? We should come to understand our particular “If…then…” framework in every area of our lives, and see where we are actually believing a lie. For example, we may feel that we are only lovable if we are beautiful or successful.

Jesus wouldn’t ask us to do the impossible. He asks us to love others as He does (unconditionally). We may well need time alone with Him for healing the conditions we have put on ourselves in order to let what He says about His Father’s love saturate and penetrate our hearts. This deep knowing starts with us and as we relearn trust of God, how He sees and receives us, then we can start to know the freedom to receive and love others as they really are.

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