Good expressions of anger

Good expressions of anger

Knowing when to assert and when to yield

The first word breathed into our being was God’s, “BE”. Each of us was made with so much love and intentionality. God now looks at each of us with joy and says, “Be fully your unique self”, “Step by step become more yourself” and, “Be not afraid”. We need to take His word in for it to become flesh in us. So when God says, “Be angry, but sin not” He’s aware of the enormous potential we carry. We more often see anger as a slippery slope but God sees that our authentic anger can be transformative.

If we view the whole of humanity as a giant puzzle then each of us fits into it in our unique and perfect space. The problem often is though that we inhabit parts of ourselves that we enjoy, and avoid the painful parts that we don’t. These parts of us become strong and well-developed while others stay unformed. Jesus invites us to deal with everything. He wants us to take seriously our responsibility to become fully ourselves and to help heal and transform the ‘problem’ parts.

The enemy wants to hinder this inner work. He seeks to flatten our identity, to shame and to belittle us. He prefers us to continue to misuse the enormous transformative power God has given us in authentic anger. If we parallel our lives with the basic shape of a puzzle piece we can imagine that we have sections in us that are outgoing and those that are more receptive. We have areas where we are being invited to be more outgoing and to stand for what is right, or may be pushing out where we need to learn to listen more and become more receptive.

Jesus knew where to be discerning and receptive and when to move forward in authentic anger. He knew how to use His anger appropriately and wants to teach this to us too. It will take practice to recognise when to do what . If we’ve been too passive we’ll need to learn to become more assertive, or where we’ve been too aggressive and abusive we’ll need to learn how to listen to God’s voice with alternatives for our angry outbursts. As we push out and reclaim lost space, and so hold and inhabit more of who we really are, we push against the assumption that we’re not powerful. It is our choice whether we remain defeated in this important area of our lives.

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