Anger: Man standing by a lake

I Am Your Anger

I am the engine inside of you. I am here to help you get through life, but you have never looked after me. You try to put me down and to get rid of me, but you can’t for I am integral to who you are. You neglect and ignore my warnings, but I break through your consciousness. I hide in your circumstances and I get you. I have to change things. I have to fix things. If you don’t manage me appropriately, you can’t blame me. You never engage with me, never befriend me. You sometimes use me so you can hurt others and frighten them.

I know it will take a while – a lifetime of neglect doesn’t get fixed in five minutes. But you need to start taking me seriously for we both need each other. You know that so far what you’ve learnt hasn’t helped you work with me for you’ve just wanted to suppress me. This doesn’t surprise me because all your life you’ve been taught that I’m dangerous, destructive and a negative element you don’t need.

I am your engine but you need to know how to care for me, how to drive with me inside you. You can’t just go through life in one gear! You need to realise that if you dismiss or fight against me that you just empower me. I know that that frightens you. So take courage to look under the bonnet. Slow down, welcome me, hear me. Find out what makes me overheat. This isn’t an easy process and it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. Let me out for an hour say, and look at me. You have a lifetime of set assumptions and beliefs to start to explore. Look at the stuck patterns that you’ve gotten yourself into. Understand the depths of how I feel about things and as you respect me so I will respect you. I’m probably one of the best friends you’ll ever have and the wonderful thing will be that your face will start to reflect your changing internal reality.


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