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Risking Manhood

The expression of authentic manhood has become increasingly difficult in our society. These problems centre on men having a growing sense of frustration with not having a clear sense of meaning or purpose. As women develop more independence, the fear of becoming irrelevant can cause men to become depressed or abusive. This is often due to a lack of understanding of their true identity and their unique place in society.

Women have for some time been entering a new reality about their identity and their contribution to society. Changes in the way they see themselves and the options they have, are broadening their choices and giving many a greater sense of power and control.

Despite these interior shifts, women are still faced with hardened attitudes in parts of society, and especially in their relationships with men. Many communities still have an ethos of male control, despite noticeable changes in the views of many men.

Risking Manhood explores the seven risks which men traditionally have had to undergo to achieve authentic manhood. These form the basis for grounding the identity firmly within one’s unique self and for establishing life-giving relationships.

While men have largely overcome their outer world, their present need is to venture inward to face the inner wilderness of the heart. It is here, as they explore their life stories, that light is shed on the soul work necessary to live more fully in the present and to gain clarity about the future.

These formative risks are contrasted with the risks women face in their journey to authenticity, as the identity formation of each gender affects the other. During this course we will journey through these vital risks and begin to integrate their implications and effects in our lives.

This Course helps both men and women to engage with some of the issues that we face nowadays. Each of us was shaped by men and by women. In coming to know something of the pressures, fears and longings that the other gender carries, we gain a better understanding of one another and how to relate with each other.

Structure of the Risking Manhood Course

The Course consists of eight weekly sessions of two hours each, done in a group setting, as well as material given to be done daily which should take about half an hour.

The material revolves mostly around personal and family stories, for it is here that the seeds of our formation and transformation are found.

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Beginning the journey of becoming our true selves.

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RISK: To Leave Mother

Men need to leave their mother and other women’s force-field if they are to avoid unhealthy dependence.

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RIISK: To Leave Peers

Herd mentality can lead to a shallow identity, with little sense of self apart from the group.

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RIIISK: To Leave False Self

The false self does not yield easily. Men need to connect with their inner reality.

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RIVSK: To Leave Father and Family patterns  

Family agendas and expectations need to be faced if authentic dreams are to grow in us.

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RVSK: To Leave Institutions  

Social structures and systems absorb us for their own existence. They need to aid us, not own us.

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RVISK: To Leave Home Securities  

We need to leave our comfort zones which can be stuck places, and risk facing our selves.

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RVIISK: To Risk Life

We must lay down our false self  to embark on the journey of loving authentically.


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