So, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?

Each of us lives with dreams and guiding images of what our lives should be like. These come in all shapes and sizes. Some are passed down to us by our family, friends or peers. Others are dreams of proving ourselves and finding recognition. Perhaps we even have dreams of creating something unique, or we may be scared to dream big because of past hurts and mistakes.

The reality is that our dreams need to evolve.

The dreams we had at 20 often won’t be appropriate at 40, and certainly not at 60. And yet we may be currently building our lives on past guidelines – just repeating what’s ‘worked’ for us.

A divine blueprint exists in God’s heart for us – one that will give meaning and purpose to our days on earth. Our Master Renovator has meaningful and fulfilling ideas about us. He wants us to look at why we keep doing what we do, and to gain a deeper awareness of what holds us back and gets us stuck. We need to risk having new dreams, knowing that He is gently nudging us towards his dream for us.

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