Father forgive them

‘Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.’

Releasing others who have hurt us.

We are needing to view conflict in a different light. It is very much part of our lives, though for all of us it tends to have negative connotations. It really has not been developed by us into something we feel skilled at, so most times we just want to avoid it at all costs. However, since conflict is in all of us, historically and each new day, we need to start to view it more creatively and to engage with it more constructively as something that can transform us.

No one has been totally unconditionally loved by others. Each of us has areas of wounding where we’ve stopped growing, where we tend to stay in our known pattern of doing conflict. We resort to our stuck places of denial, anger, blame or depression. Taking on these particular and familiar feelings is easy for us, a well trodden path, but they come to define our very natures. With different kinds of people we have learnt different tactics to cope. In some situations we are the aggressor, in others the victim. Sometimes we’re the bully, other times we are pushed around.

Conflict has far too much power to be neglected and pushed away. We each owe it to ourselves to do our inner work. In most conflict situations other people will not see it as we see it. We need to learn to acknowledge our real pain and loss of connection and come to a place where we can release the other. This place of acceptance and freedom is our aim, and as we experience it we will become a transformative presence in a very conflictual world.

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