This moment: God’s unfolding gift

Far too easily we move out of the moment. We can contaminate it and forever lose it when we allow our emotions around our past experiences to define what’s happening now. When we give in to anxiety, for example, allowing it to control us, it simply increases. But as it grows it can overwhelm us. Similarly, if we let our experiences of fear define us, we can easily fill our days with it.

It is helpful to stop and to examine what we have picked up and what we’ve learnt to put down. Every experience has emotions attached to it. Our moments can be lost when we flood them with unresolved feelings, if we weigh ourselves down with emotions that are not life-giving. It is good to own our relational patterns, to reflect on how we’re spending the precious resource of our time.

More and more, we need to travel lighter – to release what pulls us down and holds us back. As we let go of our resentments and forgive, we can find healing for our unfinished business. With a lighter load, we can be free to enjoy the ride more and to receive moments given us as God’s unfolding mystery and gift.

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