Pruned to bear more fruit

Pruned to bear more fruit

In our garden is a vine that was planted by others long ago. As we opened up the overgrowth, we discovered more and more of it trailing through the branches. Its stem was thick and strong, but its outgrowth gave no fruit. It had become rank and unproductive.

Often our lives parallel this. God wants us to be fruitful, but our trailing thought patterns around regret of things that have happened leave us overgrown and unfruitful. We endlessly relive hurtful memories others caused, and berate ourselves for things we did that we should not have.

God waits for us to bring our unfruitful overgrowth into His light and under His expert care. He sees our regrets compassionately, and longs for us to do so too. He says, “Let me take this off you. It’s not helpful.” and lovingly prunes us and brings us healing. Thus He frees us from burdens that we’ve been carrying, sometimes for years.

The vine will need to trust the Gardener to cut what needs to go. We are safe in God’s skilled, loving hands!

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