Freedom from guilt

Walking in Freedom from Guilt

When we were young, it was easy for our rule-keepers to make us feel guilty for something we did. With our tender consciousness, we were susceptible to taking on a belief that in some way or other we were not okay. Instead of simply learning a healthy response of acknowledging and asking forgiveness for a misstep, we might have been left feeling overwhelmed and condemned. The negative side of guilt is that it so easily left us with a shade of unworthiness.

We walk through this life with God wanting to help us come free of our burdens. The enemy however, loves to feed us negative assumptions. He works to get us to hold onto past pain for a long time to keep us from getting healed. A negative feeling is always asking us to do something about it. Stopping and becoming aware of our guilt helps us to honour our internal processes. We may discover that we are carrying a lot of grief at the losses we incurred from what happened. If grief persists it can be very erosive over time. It may well need to be confessed to a trusted friend in order for us to feel absolved. It is only then that we will know the release of those hooks and the joy of being able to walk in true freedom.

2 thoughts on “Walking in Freedom from Guilt”

  1. What I remember from my upbringing is “fairness”. In my youth this was simple – everyone gets equal shares of the pie, as I get older it gets more complex. Is it fair to give the same share to everyone, when some already have more than others, or some just don’t want anything? And, do the recipients of my “fairness” have to deserve the fairness? What if they are unfair themselves. And, and, …
    I think I will aim at being more child-like, its much more fun!

    1. Hi Peter, I think you’re right about the complexity of “fairness” increasing as we get older. Thanks for your perspective! Carlo

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