Root bound


God is always inviting us into places of greater openness and trust in Him. Even though we do not know what the future holds, He does. We can keep ourselves ‘small’ and controlled, and so miss His greater purpose for us – to become our fullest selves. His expansive call is, ‘Choose Life!’, for He knows how fear can lock us down. We so need to hold onto the way He sees us because the limited way we have been known is not nearly the whole picture. He, like any gardener, wants to take us out of our restricting container of beliefs and expectations and plant us so that we can really thrive. 

As with ourselves, God has been constrained by us to what we believe of Him. We have shaped Him to what we are comfortable with. The Holy Spirit is wanting us to trust an expansive, loving God, who’ll show us a far more abundant way of living. As we rest in Him, and receive His love, we start to see both Him and ourselves differently. His love breaks open the small, restrictive ‘packets’ we are planted in. As our roots are freed, we can go deep, for with space to grow we flourish. It may feel scary to risk this bigger reality of ourselves in God, but in it we are more fulfilled, more truly alive.

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