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6 May – First Saturday Retreat: God’s Dream for Us

We were formed in the womb with God’s dream and desire. This blueprint can draw us through life to a fulfillment or get lost along the way. Join us at Sans Pareil as we explore these deeper longings in quiet reflection and times in the garden.

Date: 6 May 2017. These retreats take place on the first Saturday of most months.
Times: From 2 to 5 pm.
Address: Sans Pareil, 1 Welbevind Way, Hout Bay, Cape Town.
Cost: R100 per person, paid at the door. Discounts are available if needed. No booking is required.

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Carriers of a Dream

Discovering God’s blueprint of who we bring to relationships

Each of us has been designed uniquely by our Creator. As the architect of a house creates a plan, so too, God the Master Architect has a blueprint in His heart for us. Whether we’re married or not, He invites us to trust His wisdom and love to guide us in the hard but worthwhile risk of becoming ourselves. Continue reading Carriers of a Dream