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First Saturday Retreat

Risking Coming Alive – 7 April 2018 – 2-5 pm

What in us needs to die and what needs to risk coming alive in our death and resurrection with Jesus? Come and reflect on God’s invitation in our lives.

There will be times of input by Sergio as well as an opportunity for personal reflection in the gardens at Sans Pareil.

No booking needed. Retreats cost R100 at the door (or what you can afford – we don’t want cost to stop people from coming)

Please share this invitation with your friends and family.

What guides us through life?

Reflecting on dreams which so affect our life journey

The countless dreams that motivate and energise us give us our life direction each day. We need to know our guiding images to understand what is inspiring or frightening us, where we’re being reactive or compliant. We tend to view dreams as being positive, but some can be enormous, yet unconscious, burdens if they are driving us to fulfill another’s expectations. Continue reading What guides us through life?

Befriending Depression

Learning to play all the keys of our heart’s piano

We all have times of feeling low. It helps to understand what these are saying. Since we haven’t listened to and resolved our little depressions, we don’t know how to process our big ones. As we learn to love ourselves more fully, we need to do for ourselves what wasn’t done for us. We are empowered as we come to accept who we really are.

We all know from our own (and others’) depression, that there is no magical ‘quick fix’. Continue reading Befriending Depression