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The way we spend money says a lot about us

A lot of the ways we see ourselves was taught us by our family. It’s like we’re plants that have been given our shape by a well-intentioned gardener and now, as adults, we need to come into our God-intentioned shape.

If we think back, we can see how our attitude to money was shaped. Do we still see those dynamics in the ways we spend and save now? Do we value ourselves more or less according to what we have?

It’s very helpful to clarify these learnt dynamics and so understand ourselves more fully. Our growth is a very delicate and necessary process. Like plants, we thrive with intentional nurture. By looking at how we’re influenced by learnt dynamics with money, it may show us how where we’ve become ‘root-bound’ and need to risk a roomier space.

It takes focused attention and courage to acknowledge the places we are ‘dry’ and unproductive. Times of reflection make us aware of a wound. Authentic questions break up the hard ground. As we face our difficult attitudes, so money can become a life-giving, generous asset.

A beautiful garden needs skill and time. It doesn’t ‘just happen’! As we become more authentic, we’ll bloom, bear fruit and give great pleasure to ourselves and others.

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