The Road Less Travelled

As we saw last week, following blindly can lead us astray. But there is also another way of following that is authentic, personal, and usually along a road that is less travelled.

At some points in our lives we all hear the call to take this road.. We may hear it loud and clear, or as soft as a whisper in rush hour traffic. For some it may even spark childlike curiosity and wonder, but if we follow this call, sooner or later all of us find that staying on the road is not a simple task.

Everyone online wants you to follow them, but when Jesus says “Follow me”, a different drama unfolds. We go from small distractions which can fill our day and steal our life to a grounding call, to taking ourselves and our choices as seriously as he does. If our belief is that Jesus calls us to become our true self, so that we can follow him in healing our world, then our choices will be clear.

The road is our gift, it brings us reality and offers us choices.

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