Where is our point of reference?

We all have developed ways of creating our present reality, ways of seeing ourselves and others. We are used to these patterns, but we have yet to discover our best, fullest selves. These ways of living will limit and imprison us if we simply go down the same predictable track each day.

God wants us to have a meaningful and abundant life. He sees our preferred reference points – for example, like our always being conscious of what others think, our need for worldly success, and to prove ourselves, etc. – and knows that following these will never lead us to our fuller selves. God has a different reference point for each of us. He knows that we will find it in our relationship with Him being first and foremost. He wants us to be life-givers, light-bearers in this dark world. It will take courage to leave the security of our chosen reference points and to step by step develop a profound relationship with the One who knows us best.

God knows that the only thing that gives us meaning is to be meaningful in others’ lives. So He says that in the way we love the least important, is the way that we love Him. It is this profound, costly way of giving our lives away that pleases God. All the reasons that we use to justify not doing this will sadly stop us from becoming our fullest selves.

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