diving deep

Diving Deep

Most of the time we sail through life unaware of the unseen world beneath us. From time to time, evidence of this reality breaks through the surface and we are reminded of its existence. Only if we dive below, do we discover that there’s hidden beauty and fear – and there’s always more than we could have known, waiting to be explored. We sense that the seen and the unseen worlds are not separated, but that they depend on each other – for what happens in the one affects the other, and together form part of a larger whole. Similarly, as we explore and discover unseen realities of ourselves, we will be enlarged, if we don’t look just for what we want to see, or listen for only what we expect to hear.

In our society we have overemphasized our ability to think in order to cope with life. Our rationality will often take precedence over our emotional response. All of us also have uncontrolled urges and impulses from the depths of our subconscious that become evident in stressful situations.

We’ve all learnt patterns of coping with childhood distress. Wherever we notice these in ourselves and others, say, we realise we don’t trust in certain areas or feel insecure, we can be sure that some earlier trauma has been experienced. Advice to “Just try harder.” will not help. 

God is wanting to dive deep and to heal those internalised experiences which stop us from becoming our real selves. Though we may now feel, “That’s me.” He wants to move us from our learnt selves to our real ones. 

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