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First Saturday Retreat

Risking Coming Alive – 7 April 2018 – 2-5 pm

What in us needs to die and what needs to risk coming alive in our death and resurrection with Jesus? Come and reflect on God’s invitation in our lives.

There will be times of input by Sergio as well as an opportunity for personal reflection in the gardens at Sans Pareil.

No booking needed. Retreats cost R100 at the door (or what you can afford – we don’t want cost to stop people from coming)

Please share this invitation with your friends and family.

Why We Retreat

An integral part of the spiritual life is time set aside to be alone with God. Our connection with God, as with any other relationship, needs special time together for it to grow and mature. On a retreat we have an opportunity to rest and to wander through time, looking at our ways of relating and being with God and listening to Him. Here we can explore our feelings and share them with God and He can share His with us. These feelings tell us the true state of our relationship and also what may be needed as we seek to draw closer to our Lord. Continue reading Why We Retreat