Growing in Self-Worth, MP3


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Loving ourselves beyond our productivity, beauty and status

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Outline of the talks

1. Trusting Our Inner Reference Point

Often our relationships constrain us according to how we are meant to be, but every movement away from our growing edge is a response to security. We’re being invited to move to become all God calls us to be.

2. The Measure of Me

We’ve learned to value or devalue ourselves based on measures of society and may spend our whole lives trying to please people. As we move into our authenticity, we need to learn how to disappoint expectations and take the risk of being real.

3. Finding Enough

‘Am I enough?’ is a constant question we carry that drives us to perform better to prove our value. This question is not meant to be applied to our person worth. Let us celebrate who we are, not who we ‘should’ be, and live into the adventure of our enoughness.

4. Deserving of Love

Many of us were raised with the belief that we get what we deserve. Do we believe that we need to earn love? We need to interrogate our patterns of self-sabotage in order to receive love.

5. Self-Worth in Balance – Retreat

Too much of our personal value is expressed in productivity and performance. Rather than complying or reacting to what is expected of us, let us come home to our inherent selves.


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