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Pulling Out Our ‘Pegs’

The risk and necessity of self-love

Most of us were formed by people who programmed us to fit into society. It left us with feelings of ambivalence about who were, with feelings of inadequacy, instead of unconditional self-acceptance. We found ourselves wondering how to conform and how we could please others. Continue reading Pulling Out Our ‘Pegs’

Family Patterns

The patterns and roles we learnt from our upbringing have shaped each of us. These memories will hold us captive unless we make time to look at them.

These inner dynamics seem so ‘normal’ that we hardly realise they are there. We polish up our outer world to look good because we don’t know what to do with how we really think and feel on the inside. Continue reading Family Patterns

Our commitment to self

In growing up people around us either saw us truly, as we were, or they just didn’t ‘get us’. Many of us felt unseen, unloved and not enough. We felt measured and were found wanting. This has profoundly affected the way we see ourselves today. Our fear of not being ‘OK’ to those around us makes us hide our real and precious selves.

How much do I trust and believe in myself?

Continue reading Our commitment to self