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The Year of Grace books are here

We are glad to announce that Sergio and the team’s latest book, Year of Grace, is here. We are thankful and would like to invite you to watch our book trailer and order books for yourself and your loved ones.

Discovering God’s love in your life story

Your life story is your greatest resource. In it you understand who you are, how you got here and where you are going. ‘Year of Grace’ invites you to reflect on the pattern of your life, and on how God has worked uniquely throughout it.

Each part of your story is like the ring of a tree. Sergio Milandri invites you to draw out the wealth of your stories in 200 Story Pieces – for pondering dynamics, questions and Scriptures in each of the 10 life stages laid out. The book is ideal for personal reflection and can be further brought to life as you share your experiences and hopes in a group setting.

“The Story Pieces prompt memories and evoke feelings
that draw forth the treasures of the heart.“
Tony Scriven

“For me ‘Year of Grace’ carries the memory of having
been a real ground-breaking experience.”
Cherith Davidson

“‘Year of Grace’ was a reawakening of memories
long buried. Revisited. Repaired. Reformed by Grace.”
Gina Holly

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Bless you as you engage with your precious stories.



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