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God’s picture of us is based on our individual inner beauty and worth; each with a unique place and identity, each loved unconditionally and called into being, in a personal relationship with Him. The judgement of people by output, prowess or appeal has paralysed many in their sense of self worth and esteem.

“Yes to myself” means taking the risk of accepting God’s invitation to become, and to love who God made us to be, including those parts of ourselves that seem troublesome and unacceptable.

The book is a collection of 60 parts; designed for groups or individuals, who wish to explore and deepen their relationship with themselves, with others and with God.

“Engage with this book: dare to open up some of those hidden doors within, and you will find a whole new ‘open spaciousness’ in your self. ” – Carola Meyer, Cape Town

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  1. Sergio Milandri

    A review by Carola Meyer, Cape Town

    “I am part of a small group that’s been meeting since April 1992, when we completed one of Sergio’s ‘Foundations of Christian Spirituality’ courses. We continue to meet weekly because ‘Group’ gives us a rare, if not unique opportunity, to reflect on the week and to share whatever we want to without interruption, comment or ‘helpful’ advice. While one shares, the others simply listen, without being distracted by any expectation to respond with words of comfort or encouragement. It’s a very freeing experience for both speaker and listener, creating a safe and caring space where confidentiality is assured.”

    “This pattern and the ‘rules of sharing’ were established in our first year, when we used Sergio’s Yes to Myself to focus our reflections and structure our meetings. The short readings and exercises gave us the opportunity to practice different forms of meditation and to find what worked best of each of us. They also got us reflecting on questions and perspectives we hadn’t thought of before, or not engaged with in depth.”

    “For those who don’t have a group to share with, ‘Yes to Myself’ will still provide a most helpful framework and guide for the journey of reflection and growth. Typical of Sergio’s work, it keeps things simple and straightforward, but also keeps challenging stuck mindsets and assumptions – including the assumption that you’re aware of your assumptions.”

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