Railway Station

What are we living for?

It’s easy to see ourselves as not yet complete while we wait for that special thing or person to appear in our lives. We delay living fully until all the puzzle pieces fit. We so need to open our hearts to see what’s really going on. Have we closed down inside in order to survive? Has our hope of life getting any better died? Are we simply surviving, just daily using our energy only to manage humdrum tasks and solve problems? It’s not that these aren’t necessary, but are they taking first place?

All of us have had big and small moments when we felt alive – something or someone has surprised or delighted us. Do we plan for more of these or do we just let them happen unexpectedly? So much of what we choose takes us away from God’s big dream for us. We are God’s dream and the life we are living today is an integral part of that dream. We either get it or miss it as it passes us by. If we are just distracting or entertaining ourselves to kill time while we wait for our expectation to be fulfilled, then our lives are being irrevocably lost. We can’t say wistfully, ‘When I retire…then I will…’ for we should be doing what we love already and right up until we die.

God sees our waiting differently. He sees it as a time of deep transformation. Something mysterious and amazing comes to life in us if we trust Him with it. He knows all and wants us to believe it will indeed bear fruit later. He uses our struggles to shape us and to bring positive outcomes in situations we couldn’t imagine being a blessing. He invites us to participate with Him on this journey of discovery. Our lives are an enormous gift and He wants us to enjoy their unfolding mystery.

Each of us needs to deal with our uncomfortable feelings and not avoid them. If we bury a sense of insecurity or weakness that we may feel, then we lose the lesson we are being given. This moment is all we have. We must stop living for another, for this moment is giving birth to our dream if we are aware. God will give us insights to sustain us for His bigger dream that is unfolding. He says, ‘Live now! Be aware,’ but sadly most times we only wake up to the preciousness of life when disaster strikes us.

We were not made simply to be consumers in this world. End users never seem to have enough. We are channels, for we are made to give life. The more we give out, the more we’ll feel alive and find happiness, and amazingly, the more we’ll have to give. Jesus came for us to have life in abundance and He so wants our unique passion to come out.

So how do we start living fully? Firstly, live life without conditions. No more, ‘If…happens, only then will I start to live.’ Secondly, live to relate. Give relationships top priority; they are our most profound gifts. Next, find ways to celebrate the life we do have now throughout this day. We are here to change the world, to give life, to share what we’ve been given. Face the unknown in each day with expectancy rather than expectation. Look out for God’s clues along the way that will lead us to become more fully alive. He’s cheering us on!


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