Singleness & Wholeness, 4CDs


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Living fully in the present

New CD series now available! 

Outline of the talks

1. Singleness & Autonomy

Many of us struggle with feeling inadequate. We all have a hidden, shadow self that we need to embrace in order to bring our full selves to the world. We need to come into right relationship with ourselves to be able to give our whole selves to another. In a fulfilling relationship both people are working on their own transformation.

2. Carriers of a Dream

So often we disregard the blueprint of our true selves, the internal dreams of what we’re meant to be, given to us by our loving Creator. We get sidetracked by misleading ideas, constantly using others as a reference point to give us validation. Whether we’re married or not, God invites us to trust in His wisdom and love to guide us in the hard but worthwhile risk of becoming ourselves.

3. Negotiating Expectations

From childhood we’ve held guiding images of what being in a romantic relationship would be like. These expectations need to be understood and negotiated or we risk much conflict when our internal pictures clash with our partner’s dreams. It is important to remember that, married or single, we are each responsible for our expectations. Like nature, we will have to stay responsive and flexible to life in order to grow.

4. Enjoying Singleness

It’s easy to see ourselves as incomplete if we’re not in a romantic relationship. Are we living fully now or waiting for when we’re with someone else? The present moment is our gift. It gives birth to our dream, if we are aware. God wants us to celebrate and enjoy each season with its unfolding mystery.


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