Nurturing Our Needs, 2CDs


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Appropriately meeting our needs and others’

New CD series now available! 

Outline of the talks

1. Our Quest to Have Needs Met

Our core need is to love and be loved, but we may seek to meet it in a roundabout way. We may manipulate relationships by giving to another with the hope to get back what we’re longing for. We easily complicate our lives by trying to satisfy secondary desires. The challenge is to become aware of, express, and appropriately meet our deepest needs.

2. Ownership and Containment

Our needs express themselves through our emotions. Problems arise when we experience conflict from a feeling and expect another to resolve it. We tend to think that others make us feel a certain way when in fact the conflict has its roots in our own past experience. As we become more real with ourselves, our ego needs have less control over us.

3. Needs Draw us to Life

Growing is always a risk. It opens us to the unknown and moves us into what we fear. We’ve often allowed our dysfunctional needs to pull us in many directions, but developing our healthy needs will bring enrichment to our own life and deeper connection to others.

4. Being Seen in Full Measure – Retreat

Seeing and being seen are fundamental to relating well. When we are seen critically, we are damaged. When someone ‘gets us’, we grow in wholeness. How long will it take for us to wake up and realise we are trying to be something we’re not? We need an inner discernment to take the risk of being our true self, no matter how others see us.


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