Marriage Insights, 3CDs


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3-CD Series.

We get married to give and receive life. This series of 7 talks explores how we can nurture our journey of healing and growth. From a strong core, we will manage our conflict more creatively and together face our problems. Our love becomes a safe place where we can become ourselves and work on changing ourselves together.

Talk 1: Shaping Our Relationships with Care

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Do we service our marriages with the same care that we service our cars or do we just expect our relationships to be self-sustaining? God calls us to relate well. What expectations and beliefs do we bring to our marriages? How have our childhood years shaped the basis for our relating? Will we cling to our securities or grow by risking love?


Talk 2: Knowing with Thoughts and Feelings

What does it mean to ‘know’? What are the differences between our thoughts and feelings? How do the filters of our past interpret our reality? How were we shaped emotionally?

Talk 3: Emotional Responsibility

Can we learn to manage our emotions so that they’ll become tools for connecting and relating in a deeper way? Will we take responsibility for our own emotions and stop carrying someone else’s feelings inappropriately? What expectations do we bring into our marriage?

Talk 4: Guidelines for Fighting Fairly

How did our families do conflict and how have we learnt patterns from them ? What levels of stress do we get used to? How can conflict become more creative?

Talk 5: Nurturing Wholesome Intimacy

Do we cultivate our relationship or expect it to be self-sustaining? How can we make a strong core before we take on problems? How can our intimacy be a force for union, not division?


Talk 6: Strengthening Our Relational Core

What is the quality of our relational space? Is our marriage problem-orientated or do we work at strengthening the core of our love so we can solve difficulties together? How do we project our unresolved pain onto the other? Do we know how to love ourselves?

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Talk 7: Being Present in the Moment

Do we let our past and future steal the present moment?  Can we give our issues a rest and simply enjoy being together?

Sergio Milandri OutdoorsSergio Milandri has a Masters in Personal Formation and has been a relationship mentor in South Africa for over 25 years. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Hout Bay, Cape Town, and run the ‘Sans Pareil’ Retreat Centre from there. They have five children and three grandchildren.



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