Creative Conflict, 3CDs

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Choosing to stand for what matters most

New CD series now available! 

Outline of the talks

1. Patterns of Conflict

We each have a different style of conflict. Whether we shout or retreat, go cold or flair with heat, it’s important that we recognise our particular approach to facilitate connection rather than separation. Where can we risk practicing a shift in our attitude towards conflict so that we can use it as a powerful tool for change?

2. Conflictual Landscape

We all carry an inner drama, full of longing and disappointment, joy and pain, which causes tension within us. Every relationship is either growing and taking risks in honesty and trust or becoming stuck with defensiveness. Can we choose new behaviour and shift the feelings of broken trust to deepen our connection with ourselves and others?

3. Light through the Cracks

It’s easy to get into idealizations of the perfect relationship, job or lifestyle but our unrealistic expectations will prevent us from simply letting things be what they are. We make life hard for ourselves and others if we keep up our absolute standards. As we embrace our imperfection, we become real.

4. Having done all, stand

Conflict is natural when we choose to risk rather than withdraw. It’s easy to smother this dynamic and be worn out by everyone else’s agenda, but we can begin to hear the voice of our real self as we stand up for what makes us feel alive. Creative conflict can be a gift that releases us to new possibilities.

5. Creative Conflict Retreat

To begin with loving ourselves, we need to come to terms with parts of ourselves which are conflictual. This is a journey inward. Beyond the mess of what we often associate with conflict, lies a nugget of truth about ourselves and how we see the world.

1 review for Creative Conflict, 3CDs

  1. Lindsay Henley

    “Think of what a gift a crack is….” has been running through my mind the past couple of days. As a consumer, I enjoy buying 2nd hand. Things with character. Old paint. Bumps and dings that show life has been present. Ironically, it takes serious work to admire these same attributes in me. What I really enjoyed about the Creative Conflict series is that Sergio began by re-framing my idea of conflict– giving light to its inevitability. It is no longer a sign of something wrong– or something to be avoided– rather an inevitability when living in a world full of people who are all created equally but differently. With this new vantage point I was able to approach the series (and conflict in my life) with far less anxiety. Fewer were the feelings of despair that I had done something wrong. I guess what I really want to say is that I felt more courageous when approaching conflict after I had listened to this series.

    • Carlo Milandri

      Hi Lindsay, Nice point about the character which bumps and dings bring to 2nd hand things. That helps me see conflict differently too. I’m glad you enjoyed the series! Regards, Carlo

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