Befriending Ourselves, 5CDs


Material Description

Moving Towards Wholeness

New CD series now available! 

Outline of the talks

1. Loneliness or Solitude

We all need times of loving self-care. If our self hasn’t been nourished, we tend to blame others and bind them with unhelpful control. We need to face our difficult emotions and embrace even our unacceptable parts in order to move into wholeness and become
our own best friend.

2. Anxiety from Assumptions

Behind every feeling lies an assumption. Many are not true. Most of what we fear never actually happens. We need to challenge these lived beliefs to free ourselves from the heavy weight of anxiety.

3. Feel the Fear and Give it Containment

As we learn to manage our fear, it can become our most powerful ally rather than an enemy we try to push away. No feeling should be entitled to rob us of life.

4. Lightening Depression

When our emotions overwhelm us we need to slow down and pay attention to the deep feelings of loss and longing. As we learn how to have compassion for our painful shadow we can restore hope and direction.

5. Healing Depression – Retreat

Emotionally, we all need down time to let go. Depression is not failure, but is the place where we do the inner work of releasing. Our depression deepens in isolation so we need solid relationships and community as sustenance to find restoration.


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