Playing the full spectrum of our emotions

If we were learning to master the piano, we’d miss a lot if we only played in one section. Like with us, a piano only comes into it’s full expression when the high and low notes are in partnership.

We are needing to be aware of the interplay between our outer and inner worlds. Each influences the other, whether we realise it or not. Though often unconscious, each of our inner attributes has it’s own story around why it developed. These we either inherited, or they formed through pressured situations that we faced when we were small. Each attribute responds to different triggers in different ways. We may sometimes feel out of control emotionally because of our inner erratic responses. Without judgement, we need to look especially at what comes up which we don’t like. We can all identify with feelings of intolerance, regret, fear, resentment, offense, to name but a few!

We are all students learning to play our own relational instrument. We are coming to see where one feeling might dominate, to notice what’s been neglected, and to learn to love the self that we are. It takes time, and dedicated practice, to come into inner and outer harmony, but we will be rewarded as we continue to discover the deeper parts of ourselves. The unique music of our lives, played out in courage and truthfulness, will also encourage others to make their own!

One thought on “Playing the full spectrum of our emotions”

  1. Thank you, a beautiful, strong analogy! Unlike my attempts to learn to play a musical instrument, which I gave up on, my life learning remains a work in progress, punctuated with discords and miss-reading of my score. A luta continua!

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