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Accepting parts of ourselves that ‘don’t work’ can enable us to have better relationships

There are parts of ourselves we like, and parts of ourselves we avoid

All of us are at home with the parts of ourselves that we like. These we elevate and present to the world. Yet this is not all of who we are. We often don’t have a good relationship with the parts that ‘don’t work’, and have separated some places into ‘No-Go’ zones. So, in order to cope with our lives, we don’t embrace some of our painful emotions that are not working so well in us – like our fear, remorse, guilt. We find it hard to appreciate those unlovely places. We might fill our empty spaces with noise and obligations so that these emotions get quietened or at least pushed down again. For we do not feel comfortable with our powerless feelings.
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Stress Management Workshop with Sergio Milandri- Saturday 17 Mar

Stress deforms or transforms

Stress is part of our lives, but it needn’t be overwhelming. There are tools for responding to life’s challenges well. Sergio Milandri is an experienced relationship mentor who will teach on:

  • What is stress?
  • Why stress can be creative
  • How to avoid destructive stress

Date: 17 March 2018

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Bring: a packed lunch and loose clothing to move in!

Address: ‘Sans Pareil’, 1 Welbevind Way (off Valley Rd near World of Birds)

Email: sergio@relating.com

Call: 021 790 1308


Visit our website and purchase a ticket to confirm your attendance at Sans Pareil in Hout Bay.

We hope to record the workshop for future distribution. We’ll plan for future meetings based on the need for more work with this topic.

“Where does it hurt?” Healing our wounds in order to live more fully

Just as we have a body, we have an inner self. There are similarities between our physical and our unseen parts. If we reflect on our body and how we care for it, we can learn a lot about about how to tend to our inner ‘body’. Just as we eat well and exercise to keep healthy, so too we nurture and love our inner self.
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Relationships need our ongoing work

All too often we are unaware that this is the only moment we are alive. Much of our lives can be reduced to trivialities. We can easily forget that relationships don’t ‘just happen’, but that they need work in order to be life-giving. A farmer can’t just sit all day on his stoep and dream about a good harvest. Fruitfulness will take his ongoing effort.

God has made all of us creatures of need. Our need (not neediness) is something beautiful, something that makes us alive. As we accept this by meeting our own and others’ needs appropriately we find our joy and fulfilment. Continue reading Relationships need our ongoing work

Friday’s Dating & Relating topic is ‘Who am I trying to please?’ 

This Friday evening we’ll be gathering for our next Dating & Relating evening. This is a special time to open our broaden our view. There will be times to share, listen, and have fun as a group.

This month’s topic is ‘Who am I trying to please?’ Our dating, and our lives, can be so formed around impressing our peers that we lose touch with our own preferences. We may need to prove our worth – to a sibling, to our parents, to ourselves, and even to God in making right decisions.

Our invitation is for you to look at what’s behind your drive to impress. We hope you’ll be encouraged by this time together.

The relating team

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm   Date: 28 July 2017  
Suggested giving: R60 or what you feel okay with
Place: Sans Pareil, 1 Welbevind Way, Hout Bay
(Diagonally opposite the World of Birds)

19 June – Intimacy with Ourselves and Others

We’re deepening our understanding of intimacy. How we are with ourselves affects how we relate to others.

Join us at the barn tonight for an interesting session on connecting with ourselves, with God and with others. Sessions typically involve asking questions, reflecting on your experiences and sharing what you feel ready to. Continue reading 19 June – Intimacy with Ourselves and Others

Life Without Conditions

Risking taking off our training wheels

We can hardly imagine our lives without conditions. Even though they keep us bound, we feel that at least we know and can more or less predict an outcome. For, “if we do this…then that will happen.”

What pattern do we tend to use to get ourselves to perform in a certain way? Do we have high expectations so are hard on ourselves if we don’t reach them? Continue reading Life Without Conditions

Living with Conditions

T&Cs Apply

All of us have learnt to live with conditions on the way we behave, but often we don’t realise how many of these we carry. We relate to the world from inner and outer controls and these have become very much a part of us, so much so that we hardly know they are there.  Continue reading Living with Conditions